3dsmax Autorig

Here is a small preview of a autorig generation over the blue man and some and the result when completely skinned / facial rigged, also a sneak peek of the Bruce's rig

3dsMax Autorig
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This autorig had been designed to suit the characters of our movie Leucotopia, so it works for different morphologies, especially for the shape of the feet which, with thumb behind for the chickens. Unfortunately this autorig doesn't handle the facial rigging process, this was too complex for me to achieve, and we only had 5 characters to rig.

This autorig finds other purpose after this movie, especially for the rigging of Space Bruce, this 3dsMax Rig and some other works which aren't broadcasted at this time.

To work with Bruce, I worked with the original autorig and I added some tweaks to make the limbs moveable over the body's character